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The personal assistant, undoubtedly the front-line individual to deliver your organization’s first impression, maintain client relations, and to create an overall sense of comfort and order within your work environment, is an entry level position that ultimately determines the long term success of your business. Let’s face it. Finding an administrative assistant is the most frightening task for any small business owner and/or entrepreneur to tackle.

Gone are the days where you’re forced to rely on family/friend referrals, gone are the days where vacation and sick days get cashed in on, and gone are the days where you spend countless hours completing menial tasks. We’ve undeniably entered an era in which small business support services make the lives of professionals much easier. Now we must enter an era where a growing number of business owners know that they exist and where to find them. Reliable, accountable, and affordable Virtual Assistants are just as accessible and responsible as those working right under your nose. With solid reporting techniques and a firm understanding of what it means to provide ‘assistance’ in a professional setting, Virtual Assistants or Online Secretaries daily prove their capabilities in various areas.

4 Benefits of a Virtual Office Assistant


Your Small Business will reduce costs. The added expense of hiring, training, and keeping tax records for your own employees is eliminated by using the professional services of a VA.

You will use the service when you need it and avoid paying for downtime when you don’t.

Your VA will take on tasks that will allow you to service your clients and customers and focus on running your business. More productivity when you are overworked and or overwhelmed.

Service built on consistency, reliability, and flexibility allows for a collaborative effort. Having that extra person on your team can help your business thrive and even soar!


Specialties range from, but are not limited to, remote receptionist services and word processing to marketing and invoicing. In order to compete, these professionals must be highly skilled in many areas with rates that support an ongoing service relationship. As a business owner, your goal is to locate and hire someone who stands out of the crowd and provides exemplary service and skill. Here are a few tips when searching for your VA:

  • Are they bonded and/or insured? Taking this extra step may mean that the professional cares about your safety and security.
  • Can they provide references and/or a valid resumé? References who you may contact and a resume with verifiable information aids in any hiring decision.
  • Do they have and maintain a navigable website and/or substantial online following? Their success in this area also translates into your success. Every business now needs an online presence.
  • Are they available to take on and efficiently process your requests? This is an indication that the VA is professional, respects your time, and wants to exceed your expectations.
  • What are their communication techniques? The way they communicate with you is the way they will communicate with others on your behalf.

The right Virtual Assistant can seamlessly provide value, balance, and stability to any professional setting. Their affordable techniques to offer the greatest return on your investment have proven time and time again to increase bottom lines. No more insurance, benefits, overhead fees, or wasted time. Locating and utilizing a Virtual Assistant is a necessary asset for any growing business that strives to minimize cost and maximize profit.


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By Courtney Okanlomo
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