IRS Tax filing Deadline Quickly Approaching – Ways that YOUR Virtual Assistant Can Step in and Save the Day, Avoid Last Minute Filing, and Ease Tax Time Stressors

With the 2011 tax filing deadline quickly approaching, are you one of many small business owners, busy individuals, and/or professional procrastinators that are now dealing with “last minute filing?” If so, you will want to read and learn how your Virtual Assistant, while often not a tax professional, can still step in to save the day! You will find that shifting all “non-tax” related tasks in the coming week, that are continuing to keep you from seeing those beautiful words, “your return has been accepted”, will allow you to check FILE TAXES off of your ‘To Do’ List. Alternatively, since half the battle is simply sitting down with your tax preparer, gathering all pertinent information and records, your VA can set up your appointment, organize for a smooth process, act as a liaison between you and your tax professional, and virtually complete everything but signing your name.

While teaming with your Virtual Assistant your tax professional can ensure that most tasks are pre-planned and handled on your behalf, thereby allowing you to run your business and meet all tax deadlines. By doing a simple thing like utilizing tools such as the tax calendar schedule, your team can help keep you on the right track to success!

No it is not too late to salvage this year if you haven’t planned, organized, or prepared to file. Do not delay, contact your VA to arrange details and manage the project of your taxes. We were given a 3 day bonus this year, as the IRS announced a deadline date of April 18th, 2011 as opposed to the traditional April 15th tax deadline, but don’t let the extra time slip away from you! For those who just haven’t found the time at all, extensions can be filed.

Lastly, put your team in place now, and successfully execute your plan for next year’s tax season.  Some CPA’s like John Stanfield, of Stanfield & Associates, LLC, offer a holistic approach to financial planning by working with trusted financial advisors to help make sure all of your business needs are met. Get through the tax season with your business, your sanity, and family life in tact. By building partnerships and working relationships now, next year will be a breeze. See Blog entry, “Finding A Reliable Virtual Office Assistant That You Can Trust…., as confidentiality and reliability are paramount with a project of this sort.

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By Rhonda Winston
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