Getting to Know YOUR Virtual Network

Welcome to YOUR Virtual Network – the virtual village that will enhance your online presence, allow you to network with other like-minded business owners, and ultimately increase your client base.

Rhonda Winston

My generation had The Andy Griffith Show and the fictional community of Mayberry. My passion for “Community Networking” stems from a similar vision. Because “word of mouth” and “referral” Marketing has proven successful in so many ways, I want to share my vision. The YVSG Community we envision is comprised of Neighbors, Friends, and Family who work hard, have integrity, desire to serve, and are extremely dedicated to their craft. People like you!

Join our community, get to know YOUR neighbors in our Virtual Business  Network, and much like “Mayberry” support each other!

Tara Butler

My passion lies in creatively helping to make ideas and dreams become reality. I am extremely dedicated to the building and growth processes! I envision a virtual community that will allow businesses and professionals to build trusting relationships and partnerships. Integrity and hard work are the foundation for a good life, and prove beneficial for business as well. Let’s make the most of Online Media Networking! I pledge to do all that I can to help create an atmosphere where integrity and hard work thrive, thus promoting success.

As YOUR Virtual Network grows, so will all of us!

Courtney Okanlomo

From a very early age, I’ve always had an uncontrollable ambition and work ethic. As an adult, I’ve now channeled that energy into helping others establish the same. I take great pleasure in helping to start, build, and maintain my clients’ businesses, as well as effectively see ‘big picture’ projects to a successful end. It is this passion alone that inspired YOUR Virtual Service Group to establish the ‘ Virtual Business Network’ for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. I appreciate and admire each of you for your determination and persistence. Entrepreneurship is not an easy path to take, but one can not deny its limitless return.

Looking forward to the many professional connections to come!

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