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Did you know that two successfully proven ways to market small businesses are virtually FREE? One of these methods has been around for centuries, ‘word of mouth,’ and the other, social media networking, has become an explosive giant in recent years.

For centuries, word of mouth has been the very reason many businesses have remained in business. It went this way: Mr. Brown was a painter who lived down the road. Essentially he was the best painter around and a very hard worker. After time, the ‘word’ got out – the best type of marketing there is. While no financial cost is necessarily involved, Mr. Brown pays for this exposure through good old-fashioned hard work, integrity, dependability and talent. Additionally, Mr. Brown’s customers pay for it by standing behind their words and risking their reputations as they refer him to others.

Social Media is much like good old-fashioned ‘word of mouth.’ It is how we use it that determines its success. Although seemingly free, you only get out of it what is poured in.  YVSG has created the opportunity to establish a village of qualified business owners and entrepreneurs alike, all sharing the qualities of dependability, integrity, and loyalty.  YOUR Virtual Network will aim to build working relationships, and promote mutual support.

There are a million and one ways to find new customers, ‘brandyour business, and increase sales. Here at YOUR Virtual Service Group, we want to share our vision and what it means for you and your business. YVSG delivers, YOUR Virtual Network – the virtual village that will enhance your online presence, allow you to network with other like-minded business owners, and ultimately increase your client base.

YOUR Virtual Network is a free and convenient resource. Each week YOUR Virtual Service Group will send out the welcome wagon and introduce each and every business owner to the network that registers here. It is then up to you to get to know your neighbors, engage, and interact…


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