A Sharing Business Network Is A Caring Community

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Mother always taught us that ‘sharing is caring,’ but she never mentioned that it could potentially increase a business’ bottom line, or bring upon great benefits and value to customers!

YOUR Virtual Network is encouraging all directory members to ‘share’ by commenting under their listings regarding current promotions, news, and/or updates on their businesses. Let’s take things a step further and even ask our respected and valued clients to comment about their satisfying encounters!


It’s this easy:

Register YOUR Business!


YVSG Publishes & Announces You Via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, & YVN!


Comment & Encourage Others To Comment Under YOUR Listing With Promotion, Giveaway, Reviews, & Introduction Information!


Watch YOUR Exposure Grow, Network With Other Directory Members, & Consistently Communicate!


YVSG is always researching and exploring ways to support small businesses. If you have a comment or suggestion, please comment below or contact us via the tab on the right!



By Courtney Okanlomo

YOUR Social Media Managers
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