A Trusted Network

In a recent post we discussed three of the many free and affordable marketing options that exist for small businesses. A common, unavoidable theme among them is relationship-building. From establishing yourself as an expert in your field to showing generosity among colleagues, consistency in character seems to be key. This is extremely logical, too. Consistency translates into dependability which then leads to trust.

Build trusting professional relationships to grow your network and watch the referrals start rolling in. If you can also develop creative ways to establish trust on a daily basis, then you are even further ahead of the competition when it comes to connecting with more potential clients and customers.

The small businesses in the YVN directory are a group that value this form of marketing. We realize that sharing knowledge, information, and support, benefits the entire group as well as the clients and customers we serve. For example, Stanfield & Associates, an accounting firm, keeps small business owners informed of tax deadlines via their newsletter and offers tips, calculators, and forms on www.stanfieldcpa.com. Their latest notification is alerting business owners of the Quarterly Tax deadline date on June 15th, 2011. I would like to take this time to encourage the YVN members to subscribe to one another’s blogs and newsletters as yet another way to foster support and information sharing!



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