Audrey Thompson – CleanSweep City Services, LLC

Business Owner/Manager Name Audrey Thompson
Business Name CleanSweep City Services, LLC
Business Telephone Number 1-888-342-1377
Direct Telephone Number (909) 273-1861
Business Address  

3852 West 63rd Street Suite 1-A
Chicago, IL 60629
United States
Email Address
Business Web Address
Type of Business Social Enterprise, Neighborhood Beautification Service
Business Description CleanSweep City Services, LLC offers owners of foreclosed and vacant properties the maintenance work and property preservation services needed to keep properties safe and attractive. Our fundamental goal and mission is to continually provide a professional level of neighborhood beautification services to the community that enhances the safety, morale, and atmosphere of occupants who occupy the neighborhoods. As a social enterprise company, we strive to positively enhance and uplift the morale of residents of communities by providing professional, contracted routine neighborhood cleaning services to stimulate self-pride and dignity.
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