Israel and Heather Rivera – HAVVN/North Carolina

Business Owner/Manager Name Israel and Heather Rivera
Business Name
HAVVN/North Carolina
Business Telephone Number (828) 446-3323
Direct Telephone Number (828) 228-2666
Business Address United States
Email Address
Business Web Address
Type of Business
Health and Wellness Products
Business Description
We currently have 3 products: Jus, GO Sticks, and the DNA skin care line.
HAVVN JUS – The highest scoring antioxidant drink on the planet. Contains 23 Super Foods; one ounce provides the RDA of 9-13 serving of fruits and vegetables and the Resveratrol in 35 glasses of red wine!
HAVVN GO (Gene Optimized) – One stick pack provides the antioxidants of 21 Super Foods, with added B Vitamins, CoQ10, Quercetin, Turmeric, Ginseng, 6 cups of Green Tea (decaffeinated), and the Resveratrol in 100+ glasses of red wine! Specifically engineered to provide natural cellular energy, increase immune system, increase endurance, moderate appetite, activate longevity gene, protect and repair DNA, decrease inflammation, etc… Various compounds in GO are associated with cardiovascular health, cancer risk reduction, wound healing, bone growth, mood modulation, memory enhancement, improved cognitive function, and modulating blood sugar.
HAVVN DNA Skin Care – The first 100% natural, chemical-free skin care line with 100% proven results. The first product of its kind to emulsify oil and water without the use of any chemicals; includes anti-aging system that decreases wrinkle depth, increases skin firmness, hydration, elasticity, and cell renewal in 28 days. Coming soon… body lotion, face cleanser, toner, sun screen, and more!


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