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Let’s admit it. There are some things that businesses simply just can’t cut corners around – and Marketing is one of them. With the proper resources and knowing what the right angle for your company is however, you can minimize your cost and maximize the results! Here are (3) affordable ways to market your business in today’s economy and market:

FREE Directory Listings – There are many free and inexpensive directories both in print and online, and the fact is that consumers use such directories in search of businesses. Print directories help you target those consumers in your state and local market, and many people rely on them to locate trusted local businesses. Online directories are global, many times less expensive, and updated more frequently. Use both! The listings will not only help you gain exposure from potential consumers, but also from search engines. Depending on the nature of your business, some great directories to be included in are The Chamber of Commerce Directory of Small Businesses & Business Services, Google Places,, Yahoo,and state and local business directories. Search within your community to specifically identify print directories most valuable to your business.

Article Marketing – This form of marketing is growing tremendously. When consumers are seriously considering the purchase of a product or service, they typically go straight to the internet for information that will aid them in the decision-making process. Business owners are able to use their industry expertise to construct ‘Articles’ that inform the consumer, while at the same time establish themselves as a dependable resource – ultimately bringing quality to your business and its offerings. At the same time, article marketing increases traffic to your business’ website, improves your ranking with search engines, and it’s free! Like other forms of marketing, free or not, article marketing requires time and persistence.

Networking – The value of networking is immeasurable, and the cost of effectively managing these efforts is beyond affordable. From social media networking, to seminar attendance and customer/colleague referrals, networking and ‘word of mouth’ is by far the fastest and most effective way to generate long-term clientele. Remember that sincerity and generosity go a very long way in establishing business relationships. Become a valuable resource, respect others’ time, and professionally ask for help or information when you need it.


Inexpensive marketing has proven to excel many businesses when managed properly and completed consistently. YOUR Virtual Service Group specializes in affordable marketing for business owners, and promotes ‘word of mouth’ networking via the YOUR Virtual Network business directory.


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By Courtney Okanlomo
YOUR Social Media Managers
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