Be Seen On Facebook! There Are Millions Of Postings To Compete With, But You Can Still Increase The Likelihood That YOURS Will Be Seen

Simply put, there is a complicated formula that Facebook uses in order to rate your EdgeRankand therefore determine whether or not you will be high enough on the food chain to show up on viewers News feeds. We can break it down into 3 factors that make or break your “must read” postings.

  1. Just how often you and your potential viewers interact on Facebook
  2. How many comments and likes a post gets
  3. How old the post is

These three factors, which Facebook terms Affinity, Edge, and Decay, can help construct a basic strategy for your posts.

We conducted our own little experiment and determined that this strategy can work, although not on the level that we may have hoped. It takes time, consistency, and above all sincerity in your quest to engage your Fans and offer something of value to them.

The first is very simple. Just ask for the engagement that you are seeking. Ask for a comment or a like and you just may get it! In our experiment, while there were over 700 onlookers, only 5 comments were made and 7 likers clicked the like button for us. Although these numbers sound grim, often times we and others see our Posts go to Facebook heaven without seeing one single like or comment.

Next, as commonly known, images and videos will help to increase your Facebook EdgeRank. It is actually the ability of this media to engage people that really helps. So remember that if a fan or viewer clicks on a image or watches one of your videos, this is considered engagement even without a single “LIKE” or comment! The image used in our experiment was difficult to read and actually illegible to some, and yet it still stopped people in the midst of other postings and some engagement resulted.

Lastly, Timing, Timing, Timing! This is what Facebook refers to as Decay. Your EdgeRank becomes weaker as a post ages. Post when you know that your fan or viewer will see it. Your chances of making it to a News feed is slim if you post at midnight prior to hitting the sack in hopes that your Fans will read it in the morning upon waking up and checking Facebook! Our experimental posting was at 7:10 AM Central Standard Time and received the bulk of its comments and likes that same morning.

A few things to note:

At least 2 Fans who liked the post were not “frequent” likers or commentators, while 5 were apparent regular visitors to our page.

No Fans reported seeing the post directly on our page, but rather from their News feeds.

There are millions of posts to compete with…and may the best Posts win! Good Luck and remember that your fans may not be “talking” to you, but they just may be one of your 700 onlookers.

By Rhonda Winston
YOUR Social Media Managers
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