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In the past we’ve talked about how Facebook Promotions have been quite successful in terms of new fans, unlimited exposure, and overall profit increase. Now, YOUR Virtual Service Group would like to welcome YVN Business Owners to post their upcoming promotion, freebie, giveaway, contest, and event information on our new Facebook Fan Page, YVN Freebies, Giveaways, & Promotions! This page is a place for YVN business owners to network and promote! In order to ensure its success, only freebies, promotions, etc. that comply with Facebook Guidelines may be promoted on the page. Please email us if there are any questions, comments, or concerns via virtualnetwork@yourvirtualservicegroup.com.


**YVSG offers virtual services such as Facebook compliant contests, giveaways, and events so don’t hesitate to request a quote! These activities will surely grow your fan page and, over time, create new customers and clients.**

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