YVSG Announces Its First Annual Virtual Back To School EXPO!


With summer winding down and families returning from vacation, it’s time to get the kiddies ready for school in the Fall! At your service, YOUR Virtual Service Group has put together your 1st Annual Virtual “Back To School” Expo! An online platform designed to connect small Business owners with the type of consumer who has come to expect a certain level of customer service and attention, we all plan to assemble and service one another! Two fold, it is also our goal to encourage “buying small” and supporting the Small Business Owners that will ultimately benefit you, your children, and your communities.

Here’s how it will work:

Each Virtual booth owner will have the opportunity to reach out to consumers, educate them regarding their product and business, and ultimately gain new customers and clients with the opportunity to sell their featured item from the booth on event days! Each consumer will have the one on one service they deserve along with the opportunity to create long lasting service/product relationships with reputable and dependable businesses.

Follow the event FREE with no obligations!

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Business owners, for a low $25 investment, reserve YOUR Virtual Booth from now until August 31st!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the EXPO!

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