Shop From Home This Black Friday!

Shop From Home This Black Friday!

Many of us are entrepreneurs and business owners, but guess what? We’re ALL ultimately consumers as well. The biggest shopping day of the year is only a month away, and as a community of consumers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, we should all be buying SMALL!

This year more than half of the population will be shopping from the comfort of their homes and offices – the hugest opportunity to make sure your goods and services make it on every online consumer list! Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Blogging makes this effort that much easier to capitalize upon, so let’s get started!
Send your business’s specials, promotions, and giveaway information between now and November 15, 2011 to, and YVSG will showcase it throughout the month of November in it’s Black Friday Soirée. Let’s come together and buy SMALL YVN!
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  1. I am going to support my small businesses this season

  2. We are too! Thanks for sharing Procurement Source Solutions 🙂

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