Jumpseat Book Club – Author Sponsored Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

By: Katrina Parker Williams

At Jumpseat Book Club (one of our amazing sister pages – blog coming soon!), we love to help Authors and Happy Readers connect! We appreciate all writers who take the time to engage with our community. This week, celebrated Author, Katrina Parker Williams is with us to sponsor the Giveaway of her book, Trouble Down South and Other Stories. Feel free to leave her any questions about the book on our wall, while she is visiting with us!

About the Author and Book:

Enslavement, murder, abuse, illness: there’s real trouble for the characters in Trouble Down South and Other Stories. The short stories take the reader on a journey to the past through a collection of interestingly crafted pieces of flawed humanness, social injustice, and redemption, and even humor. The short story collection of historical fiction chronicles events spanning more than 150 years and addresses a wide range of experiences from African-American perspectives. The stories are set in the South amid a changing landscape in which the characters are forced to wrestle with the social issues surrounding Native Americans, slavery, racism, Prohibition, World War I, the Korean War, Civil Rights, the Vietnam War, health, religion, mental illness, and education.

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