Carole More – Queen Of Aleppo

Business Owner/Manager Name Carole More
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Queen Of Aleppo
Business Telephone Number (441) 539-5311
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11 low wodd ulverston
cumbria LA12 8LY
United Kingdom
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Ancient beauty secrets from Queen of AleppoAs a legendary beauty, Cleopatra’s skincare secrets stretched beyond eyeliner and bathing in milk – olive oil was vital for her complexion and shining hair and Queen of Aleppo, a luxurious 100% natural soap crafted from olive oil and laurel oil, is proving that ancient techniques can work wonders when turning back the years.

Sophia Loren, (76), voted the world’s most natural beauty, also advocates the beauty benefits of bathing in virgin olive oil. The skin-enhancing qualities of the royalty of Aleppo soaps, containing up to 40% laurel oil to refresh and purify, and moisturizing olive oil provides the ideal way to naturally cleanse and beautify all skin types, from babies through to mature skin, and sensitive skin and inflammatory conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also respond well to the gentle soothing actions of Queen of Aleppo soaps. A perfect travel space-saver, the range can also be used to cleanse hair, reduce dandruff and is the only soap that is impossible to lose in the bath as it floats in water.

Free from chemical additives, parabens, preservatives, artificial colorings or synthetic fragrances, Queen of Aleppo soaps have not been tested on animals.

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