Jessica Pagan – Making Everyday A Sensual Day – Passion Parties

Business Owner/Manager Name Jessica Pagan
Business Name
Making Everyday A Sensual Day – Passion Parties
Business Telephone Number (253) 670-0735
Business Address
Renton, Washington 98058
United States
Email Address
Business Web Address
Type of Business
Romantic Enhancements, Sensual Products
Business Description
Passion Parties is founded in part on a commitment to educate women about sex, a principle that has support from doctors, educators, parents and partners, all across North America. Education is the key to erasing misconceptions, and Passion Parties supports educating about sex and sexuality for a healthier society.


Passion Parties and its products are so valuable to society: We provide an opportunity for women to educate one another about sex and sexuality, and create an environment of fun and trust in which a woman and her partner can discuss sex comfortably
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