Judy Amacher – Judy’s Country Gourmet Home

Business Owner/Manager Name Judy Amacher
Business Name
Judy’s Country Gourmet Home
Business Telephone Number (423) 489-2186
Business Address
Tazewell, TN 37879
United States
Email Address jamacher@ymail.com
Business Web Address
Type of Business
Direct Sales of Gourmet Food Mixes
Business Description
Country Gourmet Home, a premier direct seller of high quality, easy to make gourmet food mixes including dip mixes, dinner mixes, dessert mixes, seasonings, soup mixes and more!
Country Gourmet is proud that our mixes are made from the finest quality gourmet ingredients using real fruit and vegetables and contain NO MSG! Most of our mixes only require the addition of one or two ingredients, cutting your time in the kitchen and making your life easier! Our commitment to quality ensures we provide a product you can trust!
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One comment

  1. Judy says:

    Check out the "Deal of the Day" via the website for some GREAT savings 🙂

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