Cindy Jochims – Country Gourmet Home of South Dakota

Business Owner/Manager Name Cindy Jochims
Business Name
Country Gourmet Home of South Dakota
Business Telephone Number (605) 310-6127
Business Address
Centerville, SD
United States
Email Address
Business Web Address
Type of Business
Direct Sales of Gourmet Food Mixes
Business Description
Country Gourmet Home offers high quality, easy to make gourmet food mixes including dip mixes, dinner mixes, desert mixes, seasonings, soup mixes and more!

Country Gourmet is proud that our mixes are made from the finest quality gourmet ingredients using real fruit and vegetables and contain no MSG! Most of our mixes only require the addition of one or two ingredients, cutting your time in the kitchen and making your life easier!

The company also offers their signature wax melts with over 200 scents and warmers for when you want to make your home smell delicious without having to cook!

The company has been in business since 1996. In 2010 Shane and Amy had the opportunity to take over Country Gourmet Home. Having only been using mixes manufactured by other companies they saw this as an opportunity to create the perfect mix line. They started the company with the same goals that are still in place today;

1) using only real fruits and vegetables in each mix

2) creating mixes that require only basic kitchen ingredients or water

3) personal customer service for each and every customer and consultant. If you send them and email or call you will always reach Shane or Amy.


With their previous experience selling mixes and similar products we understand first hand what makes a work from home company successful!

When signing up you have various consultant options to choose from.

*Independent Gourmet Basic Consultant
-Host Bonus Items and Free Products
-Low Minimum Quarter Sales of $25
– This is set up for those that would like a low quarter sales requirement and do not wish to have a free website. Consultant under this plan do not have the option to have members in their downline.

*Independent Advanced Gourmet Consultant
– Host Bonus Items and Free Products
– Low Minimum Quarter Sales of $100
– FREE website
– Earn 3% Commissions From Down-Line Sales

*Gourmet Leaders – Advancement Opportunities

Independent Gourmet Leaders – 3+ Recruits
– Host Bonus Items and Free Products
– Low Minimum Quarter Sales of $100
– Free Website with Additional “About Me Pages”
-Leads from the Home Office

If you have any questions please get in touch with me.

Cindy Jochims

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