Terry Kristy – Ruhiel 9 Mile LLC

Business Owner/Manager Name Terry Kristy
Business Name
Ruhiel 9 Mile LLC
Business Telephone Number (440) 539-8108
Business Address
549 west college st
suite c10, ohio 44074
Email Address ruhiel9milellc@yahoo.com
Business Web Address
Type of Business
Business Description
Ruhiel 9 Mile LLC and 9 Mile District United Citizens Association are dedicated to helping citizens of 9 Mile, especially the seniors and Elementary students.As education in America grows as diverse as its people, students are learning in a variety of environments including traditional public, charter and magnet schools, private schools, faith-based and secular schools, home schools, after-care programs, preschools, institutional and other non-traditional schools. This educational opportunity is lacking in the 9 Mile Districts.With diversity of students and learning environments comes a responsibility of educators and supporters to ensure that each child’s education meets the needs of the child’s potential.

Our mission is to help students meet their potential by providing their teachers, students and families of 9 Mile with the resources they need to support their students’ education – without regard to geographic, demographic or financial circumstances.

A Percent of all proceeds will return to 9 Mile District United Citizens Association (23,000 Strong)

1 Love ~ Jah Bless

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