Melissa Thompson-Ruede – Melissa’s Jewelry and Gems

Business Owner/Manager Name Melissa Thompson-Ruede
Business Name
Melissa’s Jewelry and Gems
Business Telephone Number (352) 317-5817
Email Address
Business Web Address
Type of Business
Handmade Jewelry, Gemstones and Paintings
Business Description
I am a gemstone lover and collector. About 7 years ago I decided to learn to make jewelry, and then decided to begin to sell it. I use mostly traditional semi mounts and castings purchased from various wholesalers. I am constantly learning new things such as beading, wire wrapping and soon I will be adding painted jewelry to my collection. In the mean time I continue to learn how to paint, some of my paintings will be available soon for purchase, and different ways to create beautiful jewelry. I am a part time nurse, and homeschool my children full time, so my time is limited for extra curricular stuff. As I grow and build a fan base, my business will grow as well. Please always feel free to ask me any questions that I may be able to help you with. Here are some other ways you can reach
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