How to Best Use the Twitter Photo Feature

I was chatting with one of our Facebook Fans the other day and discovered something. There are some folks who would benefit from learning how to best use the Twitter Photo Feature. Today let’s spend a couple of minutes trying one and seeing first hand how attaching a photo to a tweet can enhance your social media marketing efforts.

First, take a look at the example below by The Born Unique Baby Guide. You will notice that the tweet includes a photo of the Baby Guide Cover, including the website address. When selecting your photo, keep in mind that twitter users will be able to view it directly in Discover and search. It will become part of a photo gallery. Pretty cool, huh? Okay so let’s see the simple steps to upload a photo and attach it to your Tweet right from No apps, no fuss, just tweet it.

  1.  Begin a new tweet, just as you always do.
  2.  Locate the camera icon just under the tweet box on the bottom left.
  3.  Locate the image that you would like to upload from your computer when prompted.
  4.  After you select the image you will see the thumbnail and camera underneath the tweet.
  5.  Your character count will update to reflect the shortened URL of the photo as this link will be included in your tweet.
  6.  Type your content and click Tweet. Don’t worry if you change your mind about the photo. If you do, just click the X in the thumbnail to delete the current image.

Easy right? By now, if you tried a tweet, you are feeling pretty proud and love the look of your work. 🙂 Well, here are some things we have noticed that you may want to remember.

  • You can only upload one photo per tweet.
  •  It’s really cool that you can comment on a photo, just as you would reply to a tweet.
  •  If you delete the tweet the photo is no longer available.
  •  Your last 6 photos will appear in a gallery beside your tweets.
  •  Your image can appear in search results, unless your tweets are protected.

So, if you have not been using this feature to enhance your twitter social media efforts, YVSG suggests that you start. Have some fun with it! Please feel free to comment with your questions and also show off your tweets. We love to retweet around here. Have you followed us yet? If not, follow here and #HappyTweeting!SponsoredTweets referral badge


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  1. I love this instruction. I used it, although I have tweeted a picture before – it was only by happenstance. I didn’t know the actual ins and outs of using this app. I will now be using it regularly.

  2. Samantha says:

    I had no IDEA about Twitter til around six months ago. These helpful tips and tutorials are definitely great for a “newbie.”

  3. I have seen others using the photo in tweets, and I’ve done it myself a few times. But really I never knew why it was important. Pretty cool feature. Thanks

  4. These are some great tips for using the Twitter Photo feature. Though I use Twitter frequently, I rarely post photos and definitely see the extra benefit (and longevity) pictures can add to my tweets.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  5. Michelle says:

    Fantastic information! I'm so slow at learning my way thru the social media web but Rhonda @ YVSG is on top of her game and makes it so easy for me to understand. 🙂

    Thank you ladies for all your hard work and sharing your wealth of knowledge.
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