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WAH Openings for Licensed Insurance Agents

WAH Openings for Licensed Insurance Agents

LiveOps wants licensed insurance agents


I’m Tara Butler, 1/3 of YOUR Virtual Service Group. You may not know this but I work from home as an independent agent with LiveOps. I’ve taken advantage of quite a few work at home opportunities over the years and the flexibility at LiveOps can’t be beat. You literally choose when you want to work weekly, or even on a day to day basis. It’s perfect for stay at home parents or for extra income when you already have a full time career.


There are different call types but right now they are expanding the program and looking for licensed insurance agents to convert inbound leads to insurance enrollments. LiveOps delivers the inbound leads and provides lots of resources to help you sell insurance for some of the top insurance companies.


If you decide to join by July 31st, then please enter the referral code LI2013+77726 on the application so I can get credit for the referral.


The referral is only for this opportunity. However, if you aren’t interested in selling insurance or are not licensed then still consider joining LiveOps for the flexibility. They will let you know what other programs are available.


Click this link to learn more:



YOUR Virtual Service Group, YVSG
Tara, Courtney, & Rhonda

The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Media Networks

YVSG Social Media Tips - The Best and Worst Times to Post Social Media Content

Often times our clients and fans will ask, “When should I be posting to my Facebook Business page?” or “When are my Pinterest pins most likely to be seen?” So, when I ran across this very useful tool; I couldn’t wait to share it with the Network.

Although we are sharing the useful Infographic created by the knowledgeable folks at Social Caffeine–we still encourage you to continue analyzing your own statistics to make sure you’re posting when your audience seems most receptive to your content.

Take a look at what their studies have shown to be the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Feel free to leave a comment or drop by to see us on Facebook, if you have any questions.

If you like it; please Pin it, Tweet it, share it with your friends. Sharing is caring, and thanks!

Rhonda YVSG


Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

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How to Best Use the Twitter Photo Feature

I was chatting with one of our Facebook Fans the other day and discovered something. There are some folks who would benefit from learning how to best use the Twitter Photo Feature. Today let’s spend a couple of minutes trying one and seeing first hand how attaching a photo to a tweet can enhance your social media marketing efforts.

First, take a look at the example below by The Born Unique Baby Guide. You will notice that the tweet includes a photo of the Baby Guide Cover, including the website address. When selecting your photo, keep in mind that twitter users will be able to view it directly in Discover and search. It will become part of a photo gallery. Pretty cool, huh? Okay so let’s see the simple steps to upload a photo and attach it to your Tweet right from No apps, no fuss, just tweet it.

  1.  Begin a new tweet, just as you always do.
  2.  Locate the camera icon just under the tweet box on the bottom left.
  3.  Locate the image that you would like to upload from your computer when prompted.
  4.  After you select the image you will see the thumbnail and camera underneath the tweet.
  5.  Your character count will update to reflect the shortened URL of the photo as this link will be included in your tweet.
  6.  Type your content and click Tweet. Don’t worry if you change your mind about the photo. If you do, just click the X in the thumbnail to delete the current image.

Easy right? By now, if you tried a tweet, you are feeling pretty proud and love the look of your work. 🙂 Well, here are some things we have noticed that you may want to remember.

  • You can only upload one photo per tweet.
  •  It’s really cool that you can comment on a photo, just as you would reply to a tweet.
  •  If you delete the tweet the photo is no longer available.
  •  Your last 6 photos will appear in a gallery beside your tweets.
  •  Your image can appear in search results, unless your tweets are protected.

So, if you have not been using this feature to enhance your twitter social media efforts, YVSG suggests that you start. Have some fun with it! Please feel free to comment with your questions and also show off your tweets. We love to retweet around here. Have you followed us yet? If not, follow here and #HappyTweeting!SponsoredTweets referral badge


4 Useful Reasons to Consider a Virtual Assistant

VA Services Banner

The traditional personal assistant, undoubtedly a much needed individual to deliver your organization’s brand image, maintain client relations, and provide administrative support, has long been a viable choice for many business owners. But, let’s face it, finding a Virtual administrative assistant or VA can be a frightening task for any entrepreneur to tackle. Let’s take a look at some useful reasons to consider the services of a trusted Virtual Assistant.

Gone are the days where you’re forced to rely on family and friends to help out. Gone are the days where you spend countless hours completing menial tasks that keep you from soaring in your business. We’ve undeniably entered a time in which small business support services make the lives of business owners much easier. Now we must enter a time where a growing number of entrepreneurs know that they exist and where to find them. Reliable, accountable, and affordable Virtual Assistants are just as accessible and responsible as those working right under your nose. With solid reporting techniques and a firm understanding of what it means to provide ‘assistance’ in a professional setting, Virtual Assistants or Online Support Staff have to prove their capabilities in various areas.

4 Benefits of a Virtual Office Assistant


  • Your Small Business will reduce costs. The added expense of hiring, training, and keeping tax records for your own employees is eliminated by using the professional services of an Independent Contractor VA.
  • You will use the service when you need it and avoid paying for downtime when you don’t.
  • Your VA will take on tasks that will allow you to service your clients and customers and focus on running your business. This will mean more productivity when you are overworked and or overwhelmed.
  • Service built on consistency, reliability, and flexibility allows for a collaborative effort. Having that extra person on your team can help your business thrive and even soar!

Specialties range from, but are not limited to, remote receptionist services and word processing to marketing and invoicing. In order to compete, these professionals must be highly skilled in many areas with rates that support an ongoing service relationship. As a business owner, your goal is to locate and work with someone who stands out of the crowd and provides exemplary service and skill. Here are a few tips when searching for your VA:

  • Are they bonded and/or insured? Taking this extra step may mean that the professional cares about your safety and security.
  • Can they provide references and/or a valid resumé? References who you may contact and a resume with verifiable information aids in any hiring decision.
  • Do they have and maintain a navigable website and/or substantial online following? Their success in this area also translates into your success. Every business now needs an online presence.
  • Are they available to take on and efficiently process your requests? This is an indication that the VA is professional, respects your time, and wants to exceed your expectations.
  • What are their communication techniques? The way they communicate with you is the way they will communicate with others on your behalf.

The right Virtual Assistant can seamlessly provide value, balance, and stability to any professional setting. Their affordable techniques to offer the greatest return on your investment have proven time and time again to increase bottom lines. No more insurance, benefits, overhead fees, or wasted time. Locating and utilizing a Virtual Assistant is a necessary asset for any growing business that strives to minimize cost and maximize profit.

Have you considered the option of hiring a professional Virtual Assistant? Share your experience, if you have used the support services of a VA for your business.


Interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant? YOUR Virtual Service Group will consider adding you to our network of professionals. We will also provide the necessary tools to get you started, if new to the profession.  Let’s connect!

By Courtney Okanlomo 

Announcing YVSG’s Brand New Team Marketing Promotions

Microphone announcement

Announcing our new team marketing promotions for small business owners interested in extending their reach. We interact on a daily basis with bloggers, direct sales marketers, small business owners and indie authors; all whom do an amazing job of marketing themselves using Social Media. Our new affordable service will simply be a way of “boosting” these efforts. Extending your reach so that more clients, customers, readers, and vendors will see your work.

affordable marketing using social media


Over the years YVSG has successfully marketed our brand using Social Media, while continuing to evolve in the ever-changing world wide web. Certain that your business strives to do the same, we are offering this new service product as a way to take your efforts up a notch. Take a look at what our Marketing Promotions include and how they will offer a cost-effective solution to enhancing your online exposure.

Twice daily, all members will be able to submit an item for promotion. Your item may be a blog post, tweet, Facebook post, Pinterest pin, event announcement, giveaway, sale promo, offer, or press release. Once your 2 items are submitted, this is what will happen:

YVSG and each of our promotional partners will extend your reach by sharing your items via each of our Social Media outlets, to include the following and much more to come:

  • Over 12,000 Twitter followers and growing each day
  • Over 11,000 Pinterest followers and growing
  • Over 23,000 Facebook fans and growing

Our mission has always been to provide affordable marketing solutions for “the little guy” and we continue to develop services that can support small businesses without your breaking the bank. As a matter of fact, we still offer the same 24 hour open wall advertising for those in our Virtual Network that we did when our doors opened in 2009.

You are invited to extend your social media reach with our marketing promotions at the introductory price of only $9.99 per month. No matter how large our promotional team grows, this price will stay the same if you register during this promotional period. Good news, there are no contracts required! Simply register as a member, submit payment via PayPal and start submitting your items for promotion.


  1. Register your blog, small business, group, or indie author name with YVSG Promotions HERE.
  2. Submit your payment via PayPal to OR you may request that we send you a secure PayPal invoice at the time of registration.
  3. Submit your (2) items you would like promoted for the day via our convenient Support Request Form. Remember that your monthly package includes (2) promotions each day of the month. Excluding Sundays and all recognized USA National Holidays. *YVSG reserves the right to require a substitution for any submission that does not meet our guidelines for promotion. If you have any questions regarding which promotions are suitable, please contact us. Very simply, if it is not something our children, elderly parents or grandparents can view; we won’t promote it.


How about a chance to win 3 free months of Marketing Promotions? Even if you register today, you can redeem your 3 free months at anytime; should you be declared our lucky winner! Enter away and best of luck to all.a Rafflecopter giveaway


UPDATE: This Giveaway has ended. Our lucky winner is being verified now. Once the prize is claimed, we will make the announcement. Thank you for your entry!  Congratulations Stacie!

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about our new marketing promotions. Visit our site for a full menu of services.